What Do We Do?


Hello and welcome to Bing Housing & Financial Services. You’re probably wondering who we are and what we do.

Since 2007 Bing Housing has been working hard to help revitalize our neighborhoods that are suffering from urban decay. We have multiple tiers to our mission. One aspect of our business is Real Estate Investment. We find and sell great investment properties that are below market value. In other instances, we ask banks to donate the abandoned or foreclosed properties to us, so that we can invest in them.

Once we buy a house, we move on to another aspect of our company; Property Rehab. Property Rehab is essential to bringing back the beauty in our neighborhoods. When we receive a house, we then hire a skilled and licensed rehab team that will work hard not only to rehab the property but also make sure it’s up to OSHA standards.

The last yet one of the most important parts of our company is our home buying programs. We offer Pre and Post Financial Counseling to assist with the home buying process. We also refer people to lenders and first time home buying programs. To learn more about our home buying programs click here.

Now that you know about our initiatives regarding homeownership, let’s briefly discuss our Nonprofit Financial Services Corporation. This Corporation provides the needed Financial Education to the members of our community. We help educate people on how to live a more financially stable life. We also offer our classes to the less fortunate, those who cannot afford regular Financial Education, because these are the people who need this education the most. To learn more about our programs click here.

Thank you so much for visiting our website and learning about our missions to help the community.