Homeownership is a beautiful, and worthwhile goal for anybody to achieve. However, the art of old fashion homeownership seems to be lost nowadays. Here at Bing Housing we are fighting to bring back homeownership to our neighborhoods and reverse the urban decay in these streets in the process. 

Services We Provide

We Buy Vacant Houses

We buy up these home by asking the banks and private owners to donate these houses so that we can clean up our communities and cut down on the urban decay.

We Rehab Houses

Rehabbing a house isn't an easy job whether you want to tackle the work yourself or hire a contractor. Because of our compassion for people and our community we are willing to take on this task.

We Sell Houses

Our mission is to get these Houses into the hands of low to moderate income families, the elderly, handicapped and homeless. 

We Are Bringing Back Old Fashion Homeownership